Healthy Leader — Healthy Nation. Minsk ski weekend, Fight against the pandemic and Paydirt made the State-run TV's headlines


Healthy Leader — Healthy Nation. Minsk ski weekend, Fight against the pandemic and Paydirt made the State-run TV's headlines

The purpose of this monitoring is to study how the Belarusian state conveys its ideological narrative. The most important mechanism for conveying its narrative is the evening broadcast. Then the informational function of media is complemented, and sometimes replaced by, the broadcasting of official ideological messages. We monitor the outputs of the Agency of the Television News (ATN), which prepares the news broadcasts for the Belarus-1 channel (“Panorama” and Sunday’s “Main Airtime”), the channel ONT (“Our News”, “Saturday’s Edition” and “Contours”), and the channel STV (“24 Hour News” and “The Week”).

Each channel develops its own direction of editorials. "Panorama" usues the "Site" segment for this, this time featuring Sych and Osipov. ONT has made Shpakovsky its regular with his political stand-up, and STV kept broadcasting the usual set of opinion presenters.

The topic of the pandemic has become quite significant. In addition to emphasizing the personal contribution of Lukashenka, state-run TV assured the viewers that the situation was under control, that the path chosen by the Belarusian authorities was correct; gave detailed descriptions of failures and public discontent outside Belarus caused by the wrong strategy to combat the pandemic.


Key narratives can be found in APPENDIX 1.


The anti-Polish theme with numerous attacks and accusations continued and intensified during the week. First of all, the story of honoring the "damned soldiers" in the Brest school was promoted. Hryhoriy Azarenok also intensified the anti-Ukrainian narrative after Lukashenka.Paydirt was aired on one of Ukrainian channels.

The video by NEXTA was initially ignored by state channels, then they started frequent attacks on the filmmakers.

Further, the presenters began to focus on the unrealistic and deceitful content of the film. Following Lukashenka's own comments, the state channels agreed that the film was a bad copy of Navalny's investigations.


As far as reform-related agenda is concerned, this week saw discussion of the creation of a constitutional commission and amendments to the Constitution based on the guidelines of the recent People’s Assembly.

Only Voskresensky entertained to go beyond the framework of the main narratives by proposing to elect the leaders at all levels and limit the presidential terms.

The project “Monitoring of State TV Narratives in Belarus” is implemented by Sense Analytics in partnership with Press Club Belarus. The author of the weekly reports is Maxim Stefanovich, the editor and coordinator of the project is Artyom Shraibman.


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